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Promsvyazbank: Card Issuance Grew by More than 44%

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Promsvyazbank’s card issuance grew by more than 44% and reached 623,500 cards in 2008. The number of credit cards amounted14%, salary cards – 73% of total issuance.  Total amount of average card balances reached RUR5.34 billion in 2008 and grew by 22.5% in comparison with 2007.

Acquiring turnover increased by 56% in comparison with 2007 and reached RUR7.8 billion in 2008. The number of merchants’ POS-terminals grew by 2,571 units and amounted 5,311 POS-terminals. Promsvyazbank installed 278 ATMs in 2008, and the total number of ATMs reached 985 devices to January, 1, 2009, including cash-in ATMs. The number of payment kiosks amounts 361 units.


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