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Rosbank: Results and Forecasts

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First Vice President of Rosbank Igor Antonov has declared at press conference, the bank expects to expand a retail credit portfolio a minimum on 20% in 2009, against 40% growth in 2008.

By the beginning of 2008, the volume of a retail loan portfolio of Rosbank made 90 billion roubles, by the end of 2008 it is expected to achieve the level of 125 billion roubles. According to I. Antonov, in November, the bank has reduced delivery of credits in 1.5 times. Thus, in 2009, the Rosbank counts on mortgage growth in 50%, against double growth in 2008.

On I. Antonov’s assessment, 1-2% of the retail portfolio can be re-structured with carrying over of payments on the basic debt for 2010. In comparison with the beginning of the crisis period, the bank has not noted essential change of level of the delayed debts while borrowers repay the credits in a normal mode according to schedules.

Analysts of the bank predict insignificant growth of deposits in 2009 – all in 3-5%.

As I. Antonov has informed, the bank has started reorganization of its regional network.



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