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Royal Bank of Scotland: Archiving was Successful!

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Royal Bank of Scotland and Diasoft advise on successful completion of the project on archiving of the Diasoft FA# system database. The goals of the project initiated by the Bank in August of 2008 included reduction of the data volume of the production database, acceleration of the processes and regular procedures on statistics updates etc. With the help of archiving process the Bank was planning to raise efficiency of large system data requests due to decrease of indices and data volumes.

It was a rather sophisticated task. The Diasoft expert team faced the effort of creating the Diasoft FA# data archive with no disruption of the Bank business processes routine. On top of that, in parallel to this activity the Bank started the process of the Bank data transfer to the new Diasoft FA# VIP-release which was accompanied by numerous tests of the archiving results and possible impact performed on the test databases etc.  As the result of this effort in spring of 2009 the first pilot project on the database archiving was successfully completed. At present the Bank is operating both the production and archiving databases. The outcome of this project was creation of the archiving mechanism working in production environment which enabled the Bank to eliminate the problems related to the processing speed of the database and its size, increase the transactions processing rates and to improve the overall reliability of the IT system. 


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