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Russian banks increase the number of VIP–offices

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Against the reduction of number of offices in total, Russian banks open new offices for service VIP–clients servicing. At least 7 large banks have already increased the number of VIP–offices or plans to do it till the end of 2009.

Russian Standard Bank, in September, has opened two VIP–offices – in Moscow and Novosibirsk, and is going to open such offices in St.-Petersburg and other key cities in the near future. International Financial Club (IFC), bank of ONEXIM Group, also has opened two VIP–offices: in Moscow and in Zhukovka (Moscow region). British HSBC has declared opening of its first office for VIP–clients in Moscow in June.

Four more banks – VTB24, Alfa bank, Sberbank and Barclays Bank – have announced such plans as well.

“Taking into account that this segment in retail gives about 70 percent of income, such behavior of banks is logical”, – Andrey Koryakin, Sales and Development Director of Citibank, said.

Banks are developing "elite" offices, in spite of reduction of the total number of offices for ordinary customers within the terms of network optimization programs. According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, from the beginning of 2009 (by September) the number of fixed bank offices throughout Russia has reduced by more than 1,000 points.


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