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Russian Payment System Golden Crown: Results of 2008

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Russian local payment system Golden Crown summed up results of 2008 and announced perspective development plans. On January, 1, 2009, the total number of Golden Crown cards amounted to 14 382 223 and grew by 69% in comparison with 2007.

The total turnover of the system reached RUR413.598 billion (annual increase 46%). During 2008 there were about 335.5 mln transactions conducted in the system (growth by 36% compared to 2007).
On January, 1, 2009, the total number of Golden Crown banking cards amounted to 5 548 262, banking cards turnover increased by 31%, and the total number of transactions – by 16% during 2008.
The growth of transport and social cards issuing amounted to 42% in 2008.
Another milestone of 2008 is renewal of “MasterCard-Golden Crown” co-branding cards issuing and acquiring due to successful implementation of joint project with Russian Europay Members' Association (REMA). Currently 18 banks joined the project.


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