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Russians do not believe that the crisis is over

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According to the results of the poll, held by the research center of SuperJob.ru, 75 percent of Russians do not believe that the crisis is over. 3,000 respondents from 7 federal districts of Russia have taken part in this poll.

More often Russians at the age of 40-50 years are inclined to be more pessimistic in their forecasts, it’s 86 percent. The income level respondents does not affect their opinion about the economic situation: those who earns less than 15,000 roubles per month are assured that crisis is not over as well as those whose monthly income level is more than 45,000 roubles. The difference in answers of respondents does not exceed 5 percent.

Those Russians, who think that the crisis is over, are 9 percent. The main reasons for optimistic thoughts among the respondents are a new job or to be lucky not to get experienced the crisis first-hand. It is young people at the age of 25–30 years (12 percent) who more than the others believes, that the crisis is over.

16 percent of respondents have found it difficult to define, whether it is possible to consider the financial crisis as ancient history.


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