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Savings Bank of Russia, OpenWay and HP: 60 Million Cards on the WAY4 Platform

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The WAY4 processing system from OpenWay Group, an International payment processing software vendor, has undergone volume testing on the HP platform and has shown an excellent performance with a database of 60 million debit and credit cards. The testing took place in the processing centre of Savings Bank of Russia, the largest retail bank in Central and Eastern Europe. The WAY4 system operated on the platform provided by HP, a worldwide developer and supplier of IT-solutions for end customers and corporate clients.

The testing confirmed WAY4 can handle the high processing volumes of Savings Bank, up to 60,000,000 accounts. This included 50 million debit and 10 million credit cards. The WAY4 installation showed itself capable of processing over 400 authorisation requests per second, and an average time for processing one transaction was 0.14 seconds. Among the simulated transactions, there were cash withdrawals via ATM, purchases in merchant outlets and fund transfers. The processing rules included positive balance authorisation and real-time risk control.

The hardware and software platform used for the volume testing consisted of an HP Superdome Server, with 64 dual-core processors and 512 Gb RAM, HP StorageWorks XP disk array, HP-UX 11i operating system and an Oracle 10g database management system. The storage capacity of the Oracle productive database exceeded 6.5 terabytes.

“We are satisfied with this volume testing conducted by the well-coordinated team of professionals from OpenWay, HP and our bank. The results obtained fully correspond to our expectations and uphold our card issuing strategies”, commented Viktor Orlovsky, Senior Vice-President of Savings Bank of Russia. “In 5 years we intend to serve about 60 million plastic cards, and now we are preparing an advanced technology platform for our business goals”.

 “Many banks have to choose between flexible product management and high performance”, says Wim Pardon, Managing Director of OpenWay Belgium. “The WAY4 system eliminates the dilemma, by offering a broad range or products and adapting them quickly to new market requirements. Such a combined approach is very important for Savings Bank of Russia who serve millions of people”.

“The excellent testing results prove that HP and OpenWay offer both a flexible and scalable solution. Our clients may rely on it to build corporate processing systems which handle a colossal number of requests. Such performance is achieved mostly due to a tight cooperation with developers of specialised software solutions”, explains Andrew Kutukov, Deputy Director of the Department of Financial Organisations Relations, HP Russia.

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