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Sberbank’s projects on the card market

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On October 28, 2009 in Moscow in the head-office of Sberbank of Russia, Igor Lipanov, Head of Retail Products Department gave a briefing.

According to Igor Lipanov, by October 1, 2009, Sberbank has issued 36 million cards and it takes 25% of all cards, issued on the Russian market. It is 20% as much as in 2008. And, 300,000 of cards issued are credit ones. On this date, the card service network of Sberbank of Russia consisted of 22,000 ATMs and 8,000 self-service devices. So, Sberbank of Russia is still the leader both on the number of cards issued and ATMs established, in the market of Europe.

In the near future the bank intends to issue instant credit cards which customers will be able to get in Sberbank’s offices within 24 hours from his applying in the bank for credit. It is supposed that by the end of 2010 Sberbank would issue about one million such cards. 


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