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Sberbank of Russia has developed a citizen card prototype

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On August, 26, 2009, at the head office of Sberbank of Russia (Moscow) Jury Golovin, head of the department on managing “Housing and communal services” project gave a briefing on Sberbank’s project – “Social card throughout the country”.
According to Jury Golovin, Sberbank of Russia markets this product as a multipurpose card of a new generation. Currently, Sberbank issues a pilot social card for Astrakhan region as a United Russian Payment System (URPS) card, made on the basis of Global Platform with dual chip. Local aided persons can not only receive pensions and benefits on their social cards, but also use numerous social card applications.
Till the end of 2009, Sberbank is going to issue 120,000 cards. The project plans 350,000 cards to be issued in total.
According to Jury Golovin, if the project in Astrakhan region gets success, Sberbank’s social card will be offered also to inhabitants of other regions of Russia. Sberbank has started a negotiation process with Penza and Voronezh regions as well as with Chuvash Republic.
Sberbank’s multipurpose social card is a citizen card prototype, developing which can be actual even in the near future.


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