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Sberbank of Russia has issued more than 35 million cards

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As of September, 1, 2009, Sberbank of Russia has issued over 35.4 million cards, and from the beginning of the year its issue has increased by 5 million cards (16.4 percent).

According to The Nilson Report journal, following the results of 2008 Sberbank of Russia has gained the lead in Europe on the number of issued Visa Inc. and Mastercard Worldwide cards.

The number of credit cards and cards with agreed overdraft has exceeded 510,000, and actual debt on them has totaled 8 billion roubles.

Sberbank has 11,700 cash points. Sberbank has established and put into operation about 21,000 АТМs, and 20 percent of them have cash-in function.

Also, Sberbank of Russia has put into operation about 8,500 information-payment terminals.

 Sberbank of Russia

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