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Sberbank of Russia: the results of 7 months of 2009

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Sberbank of Russia has announced its results of 7 months of 2009. The net profit of the bank has totaled 6.8 billion roubles against of 81.8 billion roubles for 7 months of 2008, the operating  profit before possible losses provisioning has increased by 34.5 percent as against of the same period of 2008; the net interest income has grown by 44.1 percent; the net fee and commission income has increased by 9.3 percent; the operating expenses have been reduced by 3.6 percent; the expenses on possible losses provisioning have increased 8 times; the profit before taxes has totaled 8.9 billion roubles against of 107.1 billion roubles for 7 months of 2008.
The bank statement for 7 months of 2009 has decreased by 2 percent to 6.586 trillion roubles.

Sberbank of Russia



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