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Sberbank of Russia: the results of bank card operations for the first half of 2009

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Sberbank of Russia has summed up its bank card operations for the first half of 2009: as of July, 1, 2009, it has issued 33.9 million cards (an 11.5% increase), including:
•    MasterCard and Maestro – 17.7 million cards;
•    Visa and Visa Electron – 13.1 million cards;
•    SBERKART – 3.1 million cards.
Sberbank established and put into use 20,000 ATMs, 7,900 information-payment terminals.
The number of international payment cards transactions (excluding cash withdrawal) in the self-service terminals of Sberbank has exceeded 57.6 million.
Bank’s turnover of merchant acquiring in this period has exceeded 90.5 bn roubles.

Sberbank of Russia

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