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Since 2011 Russian citizens will be able to get electronic government services

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A process of transitioning government services to electronic form will start at the end of 2010 – the beginning of 2011. Igor Schegolev, the Minister for Communications and Mass-media, announced this in Sochi, on August, 11, on the meeting with Vladimir Putin, the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation.
This is a question of such services, as licensing, issuing certificates, preparing documents, entering into all kind of registers and granting extracts from these documents. “Since the end of this year and during the next year, the most part of our government departments will start providing electronic services, but in the information mode. It means that our citizens using Internet or telephone will be able to find answers on such questions as where they need to go to, what time and what documents they need to bring with them”, – the minister noted.
He also marked the time frame when the electronic digital signing would get relevance in law. As he said, in 2010 the Ministry of Communications and Mass-media will create all necessary preconditions and start issuing these keys.


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