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Tax Service joins Electronic Russia

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Head of Federal Tax Service Michael Mokretsov promises to give the business online-access to business tax accounts. As he said, by the end of 2010 companies and individuals could get a “member area” on the web-site of the Federal Tax Service (FTS). A taxpayer can find there his personal (or business) account chart, with all obligations, and just «to inspect his tax payments”.

While such services are accessible only on the Government Purchases web-portal. According to Jacob Geller, CEO of  “Agenstvo po goszakazu RT”, more than 500,000 registered users can take advantage of their “member area”.

Government Purchases web-site modernization in 2008 has cost to the budget 28 million roubles. FTS web-site will cost much more money, cause they have only companies and individual businessmen registered about 5.5 million. Jacob Geller estimates the costs of the project for such number of users in the sum not less than 300 million roubles. 


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