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Tekhnosila to start rendering remittance services

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As Leonid Tyukavkin, vice-president on strategy of Tekhnosila Group said, from the beginning of 2010 the Company intends to render remittance services all across Russia and the CIS.

According to Leonid Tyukavkin, the retailer is going to be a partner Zolotaya Korona and from the beginning of 2010 will start this new service in all 120 shops located in 66 towns throughout Russia. “By the end of 2010 we’ll be able to transfer up to $12 million per month,” – he added.

Now about 2 million buyers have Tekhnosila loyalty cards. “From the second half of 2010,  a cardholder will be able to get money transferred, to pay for utilities, phone, Internet as well as to pay back his or her credit,” – Leonid Tyukavkin explained. 

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