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Telcell Became the Partner of 2pay.ru Online Games Aggregator

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The largest in Armenia system of payments intake Telcell has signed partnership agreement with portal 2pay.ru, which accepts payments for online games.

Marketing Director of Telcell Sergey Usnunts announced, that Telcell users got the opportunity to acquire gaming time or gaming currency in over 100 most popular online games. To make a payment, the user needs to receive a personal 2pay number at the website of the aggregator, which is unique for each character and for each game. The transaction is realized immediately. At the end of the transaction, the payer receives notification to their e-mail address or mobile phone, which the payer has indicated during registration.
“Simultaneously with Internet user growth, the market of online games will also grow in Armenia. Due to cooperation with 2pay.ru, we have the opportunity to offer Armenian Internet users a convenient and affordable payment instrument. Thus, we continue expanding the list of service suppliers, to which one can make payments via the terminals of our company”, Mr. Usnunts said.


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