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The Prosecutor General of Belarus has suggested to change locations of some ATMs

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As Grigory Vasilevich, the Prosecutor General of Belarus, has declared on August, 19, 2009, a significant amount of АТМs in republic is established with breaches of security requirements. In April, 2009, the Prosecutor General’s Office has ordered the National bank (NBRB) and the Association of Belarus banks to locate ATMs and exchange offices only where there is a possibility to supervise them. However, this order is still disregarded.
Sometimes, financial institutions refuse to install video surveillance systems, by itself, as their risks are insured. According to Grigory Vasilevich, it shows, that insurance companies advocate unreasonable policy. The Prosecutor General has noticed that exchange offices and АТМ robberies have become considerably frequent, though such crimes do not dominate in the common crime statistics.


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