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The Social card of Kiev inhabitant to be issued in December

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According to Anatoly Golubchenko, Chairman of working group on developing of the complex mechanism of social protection of population, First Deputy Head of the Kiev city administration, at the end of 2009 every socially unprotected Kiev inhabitant would receive the Social card of Kiev inhabitant.
As he said, the Social card of Kiev inhabitant can act as:
1. Identity Card;
2. Means of the authentic account of the personal data of citizens, privileges provided by public authorities and local government, social service of lonely disabled citizens.
3. Transport, medical and so forth privilege tool;
4. A discount card to get discounts in stores and supermarkets;
5. A payment tool, the account on which pensions and targeted financial support can be transferred;
6. Means of storage of medical information (for example, blood type, the list of medicines causing the cardholder allergic reactions and so forth);
7. Means of other information, for example, medical insurance, loyalty programs and so forth.


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