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TransCreditBank is a “Reliable partner”

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From December 1, 2009, TransCreditBank has started a consumer credit program – “Reliable partner”.

This new program will give all private bank customers an opportunity to get credit ease, if they have positive credit history in the bank.

Here are credit conditions under the “Reliable partner” program:
• Currency of the credit – roubles, US dollars or euros;
• Amount of the credit – from 15,000 roubles or 500 US dollars/euros up to 750,000 roubles or 25,000 US dollars/euros;
• Credit term – from 6 up to 36 months; 
• The interest rate for the credit under the term up to 24 months – 19% in roubles and 17% in US dollars or euros; and more than 24 months – 20% in roubles and 18% in US dollars/euros;
• Time for consideration of the credit application – up to 3 working days.


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