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Ukraine: the number of active cards has reduced by 23%

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According to the National bank of Ukraine (NBU), from January till September, 2009, the number of active payment cards (on which at least one operation for a year was made) on the market of the country has reduced by 23% – up to 29.5472 million pieces.

Following the results of September, 2009, the number of valid payment cards has totaled 44.641 million pieces.

The NBU specifies, that for the first nine months of the year the total amount of active MasterCard Worldwide cards has reduced by 30% – up to 8.7629 million, Visa Inc. – by 22%, up to 17.3409 million, NSMEP – by 8%, up to 1.2888 million.

For this period the number of transactions on the cards issued by Ukrainian banks, has decreased by 9%, up to 432.8 million operations, but the volume of card transactions has increased by 5%, up to 252.74 billion grivnas ($48 billion) as compared to the similar period of 2008. 


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