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Ukrainian Processing Center: 12 Years on the Market

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Ukrainian Processing Center celebrates its 12th birthday of activity at Ukrainian processing services market.

UPC was established on April, 24, 1997. Currently UPC provides its banking customers not only card transaction processing but also the wide range of additional products that increases the efficiency of bank’s retail business operations especially in achieving better results with the minimal cost for bank and moreover maximal speed and flexible solution implementation.

Today 157 employees work in UPC, 59 from them came to the Company more than 5 years ago.

Nowadays UPC processes at an average 1.13 million transactions daily. The Company provides services to banks that issued more than 11 million cards and have in general more than 33,000 POS-terminals and 7,300 ATMs.

Last year the great work was done to launch the service of ATM network management. The center of outsourcing was established. Today 3 banks already use this service. Moreover the issuing and acquiring system IS-Card was significantly upgraded. Nowadays it is used in 46 banks.

United ATM network ATMoSphere which was established in 2005 is also impetuously developing. The number of ATMs increase by 78% in 2008 and amounted to 1,090 units. Currently there are 20 banks participants in AtmoSphere that united their networks to provide their customers the service of cash-withdrawal transactions in all the regions of Ukraine. Moreover the web-page of the project http://www.atmosphere.net.ua/was launched.


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