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Ukranian VAB Bank chooses SmartVista to modernize its IT-infrastructure

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BPC Banking Technologies, a recognized provider of e-payment solutions for the global financial industry, announced that it has signed a contract with VAB Bank, Ukraine, to implement a fully-functional processing center based on the SmartVista Suite of software products. This is yet another of BPC’s large-scale projects in the Ukrainian market.

Founded in 1992, VAB Bank is part of the Ukrainian financial group VAB Group, combining the assets of 9 companies. Through its extended branch network, stretching across the country, the bank offers a wide range of financial products and services to corporate clients and individuals. In order to modernize its IT-infrastructure, VAB Bank opted for SmartVista software products as a reliable platform to provide migration from the IFS back-office system to the BPC solution and to realise integration with the Ukrainian Processing Center.

Due to its functional flexibility, the SmartVista Suite will support a whole range of retail banking operations, available to clients in the branches and on self-service terminals. Along with payment processing functionality, SmartVista comes up with comprehensive value added features including Fraud Prevention & Monitoring Module, SMS-notification, EMV-issuing and acquiring. In addition to that, SmartVista software products offer a broad range of capabilities to efficiently support multiple loyalty and affinity schemes.

‘Today, in the heart of the crisis, VAB Bank is striving to achieve minimal time-to-market and maximum business value propositions and to provide its customers with an even wider choice of retail financial services. We are keen for the clients to benefit from our extended product range which is key to the bank’s continued growth. Being a modular integrated solution, SmartVista can offer a variety of options depending on customers’ specific needs and technology preferences, which is why we chose BPC over many others. The flexible IT-infrastructure, based on SmartVista, will enable VAB Bank to launch innovative payment products and services and to further enhance customer loyalty, which we consider our main achievement’, Tsvetan Petrinin, Deputy Chairman of the Board, VAB Bank.

‘We welcome the opportunity to strengthen our positions in the Ukrainian market. Being one of the most interesting in the region, the project with VAB Bank aims to ensure full support for a wide range of retail financial services. SmartVista implementation will provide the bank with a range of add-on products, modules and options enabling it to take maximum advantage of the emerging e-payment opportunities. We at BPC pride ourselves on a very successful business model which addresses the needs of any particular organisation. SmartVista customers can always be sure that they can easily expand the solution by adding new functionality and increasing throughput capacity’, Vasily Volynsky, director, BPC-Ukraine.


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