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UkrSibbank Offers Clients Loan Transfer Service

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Especially for UkrSibbank’s (Kiev, Ukraine) borrowers who carry higher obligations on loans repayment the Bank offers Loan Transfer service, when every interested party can purchase collateral from the borrower and re-documenting an acting loan for himself. Thus, it’s possible to transfer the debt to the third party and decline obligations to the Bank.

This service is convenient both for a borrower and a buyer. The borrower won’t pay his loan any more and spoil his loans history. The buyer will be able to take a loan for apartment or car from borrower on profitable conditions.

“Unfortunately, no one can guard against economic changes. Thus, some borrowers can hardly pay off their loans currently. UkrSibbank offers such clients various restructuring options including the option of re-documenting a loan in the name of a person interested in purchasing a pledged car or real estate. This will help borrowers both repay their loans and save positive credit history,” noticed Sergey Naumov, Chairman of the Management Board of UkrSibbank.


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