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USD1.35 Billion of Micropayments Were Transacted in Azerbaijan since Beginning of the Year

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Turnover of XOHKS Azerbaijani Micropayments System amounted to USD1.35 billion from January to March, 2009, incomparison with USD6.7 billion in 2008.

According to the National Bank of Azerbaijan (NBA), 423,000 payments of AZN386 million (USD480 million) were transacted on March, 2009, compared with 233,000 transactions of AZN354 million (USD440 million) on January, 2009, and 368,000 transactions of AZN347 million (USD431 million) on February, 2009, 269,000 transactions of AZN692 million (USD861 million) on December, 2008.

On January, 1, 2009, the total turnover of XOHKS exceeded AZN5 billion (USD6.2 billion) for the first time since the System’s existence from 2002, and the number of transactions totaled 1.9 million.


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