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VAB Bank: First Results of Partnership with ATMs network “ATMosphere”

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VAB Bank (Kiev, Ukraine) has entered joint ATM network “ATMosphere” on October, 2008.

VAB Bank’s card holders conducted at ATM network “ATMosphere” about 10,000 transactions of total value of more than UAH4 mln (about USD768,000) in the first three months.

From October, 2008, to February, 2009, there were more than 7,500 transactions of total value of UAH3.3 mln (USD634,000) conducted by cardholders of “ATMosphere” banks-members at VAB Bank’s ATMs.

“ATMosphere” joins ATMs of 19 banks-members, the total number of ATMs in the network reaches 2,076 units.

VAB Bank

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