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Visa Inc. Tests Innovative Mobile Phone-Based Payment

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Participants in the Kasikornbank Visa mobile trial will use their NFC-enabled Nokia 6212 mobile device to make purchases at more than 1,000 existing payWave merchant locations in Thailand.

A collaborative effort between Nokia and Visa has allowed Visa payWave functionality to be embedded in the Nokia 6212 device, Nokia’s first 3G-capable NFC handset. This joint development effort and others before it have resulted in past or planned trials of Visa mobile payments enabled through NFC technology in numerous markets around the world.

Over the last two years, Visa has actively engaged with financial institutions, mobile network operators, handset manufacturers, and technology providers to develop and test mobile payments and services, including contactless payments, money transfer services, remote payments, transaction alerts, merchant offers, and an ATM and store locator service.


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