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XVIII International Banking Congress

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XVIII International Banking Congress (IBC 2009) will be held in St-Petersburg, May 27-30 2009. The subject of the forthcoming Congress, organized by the CBR and the St-Petersburg Government is «Growth and stability of the banking system: search of the optimum».

Representatives of the Russian Federation Council, State Duma, RF Government, CBR, International financial institutions, Russian and foreign banks, auditor firms, consulting companies, IT companies and bank associations will participate in the IBC activities.

At the plenary meeting the Congress participants will analyze tendencies, methods of prevention and elimination of the financial crisis consequences. They will be delivered reports on such essential subjects as measures to ensure stability of the banking system and economic growth, strategies of the banking system development and consolidation. The Congress participants will also be presented with the capabilities of innovative banking technologies in the context of improvement of the banks competitiveness and support of consolidated businesses. 

Diasoft is participating in the Congress with the following reports of the company top managers:

Plenary meeting. Growth and stability of the banking system: search of the optimum.
Speaker – Alexander Gentsis, senior vice-president, Chief Business Development Officer, member to the Board of Directors.
Report subject: «New reality – new opportunities».

Section № 1. Banks and production segment of economy: technologies, investments, innovations, new opportunities.
Speaker – Roman Styatyugin, Vice-President, Director of Credit and Deposit Servicing Department.
Report subject: «Innovative technologies as a factor of business efficiency».

Section № 4. Issues of the banking sector consolidation.
Speaker – Dmitri Zubarev, Vice-President, Director of Settlements and General Ledger Department.
Report subject: «IT support of the banking business consolidation».

You can review the Congress agenda and get more detailed information about the event at the official site IBC-2009.


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