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Zapadno-Sibirsky Bank of SBERBANK Opened Issuing Center

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Issuing center of banking cards started to work in Zapadno-Sibirsky Bank of SBERBANK of Russia. Opening it’s own issuing center allows the Bank to reduce of issuing cards and improve service, both for private and corporate clients (salary cards projects and etc.).

Currently the issuing center produces Visa Electron and SBERBANK Maestro, including SBERBANK-Maestro «Social» and SBERBANK-Maestro «Student» cards.

To date Zapadno-Sibirsky Bank of SBERBANK of Russia issued more than 800 000 banking cards. Acquiring network of the Bank by the end of 2008 counted 520 ATMs and 110 POS-terminals.

Zapadno–Sibirsky Bank of SBERBANK of Russia

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