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20.03.2013 – 22.03.2013   London, UK

NFCP Global Summit

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Organizer Kinfos Events Ltd.,   www.nfcpglobal.com

In last couple of years we have all witnessed significant developments within NFC Mobile Payments space, with many mobile operators openly committing to accept & promote NFC for payments to offset there declining ARPU, most device manufacturers have introduced their NFC enabled smartphones in 2012, financial sectors are moving ahead with their MVNO business model, key technology infrastructure standards are now put in place.

Are we nearing the tipping point yet?

According to Juniper Research ‘Mobile Payments to Reach $1.3tn annually by 2017’ and ‘NFC Mobile Payments is set to Exceed $180bn Worldwide by 2017 as NFC Becomes Standard’, which is more than a seven-fold increase over 2012.

Although, we believe that for any of these predictions to be become a reality there needs to be conscious effort to spread NFC usage across the masses through Retail and Transport sectors, which has to play a key role in promoting NFC across to their customers. As one of the biggest challenges is still the ‘lack of its awareness and real benefits the customer needs to be educated first, even before he can trust the technology.

Besides payments; NFC Retail Marketing, Proximity customer engagement, Mobile couponing are also gaining increasing importance, which offers another door of opportunity especially for Retailers to generate more loyalty and additional revenues.

At this 2nd Edition of NFCP Global Summit 2013, we are going to showcase significant advancements on Contactless/ NFC Payments space in four key sectors – Financial, Telecom, Retail and Transport sectors. It will also explore NFC opportunities within Non-payments such as NFC Access control, NFC for tracking activity inside Airports and more.

On one hand our key discussions here will uncover latest trends and opportunities such as latest deployments by banks and operators, Integration of NFC with Social Media and Biometrics, latest standards and on another hand it will look at addressing key challenges from regional Interoperability, ways to educate end-users, winning business models to effective commercial rollouts.

It’s our genuine effort to bring together leading industry experts and influencers, integrating various sectors to create an exciting, comprehensive but a knowledge-based Summit, which will suffice your quest for credible information.

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