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6th Forum IT in the Financial Sector (banks)

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Organizer: AHConferences
Location: Moscow, Moscow, hotel Marriott Tverskaya, Valdaysky and Nevsky Halls
Web-site: www.ahconferences.com/

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The financial sector is experience difficult times. Banks are faced with the tough question of how to develop during an economic recession. There is an opinion that during a crisis new projects must be frozen to minimize expenses, including for IT. But this approach puts a bank at risk of losing its hard-won market position. On the other hand, companies that consider IT solutions as a method for decreasing costs and becoming more competitive have high chances for survival and remaining among the strongest players.
The 4th Forum on "IT in the Financial Sector", organized by AHConferences for the sixth time, is designed to unite representatives of Russian banking structures and suppliers of IT solutions to discuss methods for maintaining and strengthening positions of companies on an unstable market by using information technologies. This forum is organized by: AHConferences
* Please note that the roster of speakers may change for reasons beyond the organizers’ control, and the topics may be adjusted in accordance with the economic situation on the day the conference is held
Cost of Attendance:
For consumers of IT services:
$350 + 18% VAT
For suppliers of IT solutions: $1500 + 18% VAT
Payment is accepted in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on the day of payment
 For more information, please contact:
+ 7(495)234-05-88
E-mail: it@ahconferences.com

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