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7th Forum on IT in Insurance

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Organizer: AHConferences
Location: Moscow, Swissotel Krasnye Holmy
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AHConferences presents its traditional forum dedicated to IT and insurance in a NEW FORMAT! The distinguishing feature of the 7th Forum will be the involvement of top management from insurance companies and banks, as well as representatives of government regulatory bodies.

New on the Program of the 7th Forum:
A plenary session on strategic issues of development in the insurance industry, which will involve top managers from insurance companies, banks, as well as government representatives.
A discussion at a plenary session offers an opportunity to ask each other tough questions and receive competent answers from key market figures.

    Discussion Topics:
  1. Priorities for developing Russia's insurance industry and directions for improving legislation
  2. Improving insurance oversight and regulation
  3. Key problems in developing the insurance industry at the contemporary stage
  4. Bancassurance: Problems of interaction between banks and insurance companies
  5. FAS initiatives in bank insurance regulation: Improving anti-monopoly control
  6. The life-insurance market as a source of investments in the economy: trends and directions for development

Thematic Block on IT in Insurance: From Strategy to Practice. As part of the thematic block on IT, invited speakers will present business case studies about their experience automating key business processes and implementing cutting-edge technologies. ONLY PRACTICAL TALKS!

    Key Discussion Topics:
  1. Bancassurance: Technological tools for integrating banking systems and the insurance company
  2. Risk management at an insurance company: The potential of IT
  3. Optimizing IT infrastructure at an insurance company. What direction should you move in to maintain efficient IT system performance?
  4. IT outsourcing in a company with geographically disparate offices
  5. Virtualization and cloud computing
  6. The role of IT in developing new insurance products and ensuring their fast market introduction. How to ensure active monitoring for profitability and opportunities for developing a pricing policy
  7. Technologies and tools for protecting personal data
  8. The role of IT in the field of business continuity management: IT Disaster Recovery projects
  9. Automating decision-making processes related to loss compensation: One company's experience

We invite delegates in the following positions to attend: directors of ministries, federal services and agencies; directors of Russian and international insurance and reinsurance companies; top managers at professional insurers' unions, banks, vendors, and integrators

Silver Sponsors: Ortikon, Diasoft, KROK

To learn more about attending, please contact: tel. /fax: + 7(495) 790-7815
E-mail: it@ahconferences.com Web: www.ahconferences.com

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