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03.03.2009 – 05.03.2009  

Automechanika2009, Exibishion

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Location: Moscow, Russia
Website: www.automechanika-expo.ru/eng/ 
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Sections and Topics
Parts and Systems – vehicle parts and components of the drive, chassis, body, electric and electronics groups.

Accessories and Tuning – vehicle accessories, special equipment, tuning, performance systems, design refinement.

Repair and Maintenance – equipment for vehicle service and repair, bodywork repair and painting, garage construction and management.

Service stations, car wash and fuel stations – service station equipment, care and car wash.

IT, Finance & Management – IT products, trade-in, insurance, finance, logistics, claims management, dealer management systems, dealership planning and construction, dealership marketing.


  • Oil and gas companies
  • Oil product supply companies, wholesale suppliers of oils and lubricants
  • Development of brand network of gasoline and gas fuel complexes
  • Design and turn-key construction of gasoline and gas fuel complexes
  • Manufacturing of tanks, shelters and other structures
  • Fuel-dispensing units
  • Pumps and clarification filters
  • Fuel guns and taps
  • Fuelling vehicles, tank trucks
  • Fuelling vehicle and Fuel-dispensing unit hoses
  • Control and non-cash payment systems at fuel stations
  • Control boards and oil product level meters
  • Gasoline and other oil product quality control devices

Messe Frankfurt RUS. O. O.O.
Leningradsky Prospect, 39a
125167 Moscow, Russia
Tel.:+7 495 721–1057/-58/-59 (ext. 121)
Fax: +7 495 783–2326 
Show director Ms.: Olga Tarkhova
Key Account Manager: Mr. Maksim Seleznev
Technical Manager Mr.: Wolfgang Sarbach
Marketing Manager Ms.: Ksenia Gribanova
Project Coordinator Ms.: Olga Rybalko

ITE LLC Moscow

15, bldg. 1, Zubarev lane
Moscow, 129164, Russia
Tel.: +7 495 935 7350
Fax: +7 495 935 7351
Contact: Elena Kochergina, Vlad Komlichenko, Natalia Vinogradova, Galina Romantsova

Messe Frankfurt Head Office

Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 
60327 Frankfurt, Germany
Tel.: +49 69 75 75 -6385 
Fax: +49 69 75 75 -5908 

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