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Conference "BCM: theory and practice of Business Continuity Management"

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Organizer of the Event: AHConferences
Venue: Moscow, Marriott Grand Hotel, Marfinsky Conference Room
Website: ahconferences.com

Informatoin partner: Media partner - PLUS

At present, guaranteeing business continuity is one of the most important vectors of a company’s strategic and operations management. Any interruption, even the briefest, of IT services can lead to a decrease in productivity, a loss of income, a drain of current clients and a loss of interest among potential ones.

Business continuity has become a vitally important component of contemporary IT strategy in an environment where companies have to work around the clock. How well is your business protected against surprises? Which normative methodical indicators and demands to support uninterrupted business are available? Which type of BCM solutions or services best correspond to the demands of your company? Should the company create and support its own plans of business continuity and restoration or is it enough to sign the right contract with a consulting firm? Which tools can automate business continuity planning?

These and many other issues will be discussed at the Conference on BCM: theory and practice of Business Continuity Management, organized by AHConferences.

Target audience:

On the whole the most active users of BCM are, as a rule, various financial institutes and organizations, insurance companies, commercial banks, companies in the raw materials and oil-processing industries, airlines, telecom companies. Business continuity managers, business continuity planners, crisis managers, IT risk managers, project risk managers, managing directors, and other professionals in the sphere of risk management in organizations.

For more information, please contact:

Tel./fax: + 7(495) 790-7815
e-mail: it@ahconferences.com

To learn more about speaking at the conference, please contact:

Elena Isaenkova
Conference Producer
Tel/fax: +7 (495) 790-7815
e-mail: eisaenkova@ahconferences.com

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