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Conference PCI Moscow PCI DSS Compliance in Russia, securing the card payment environment

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Organizers of the Event: AKJ Associates Ltd
Topic of the Conference: PCI DSS Compliance in Ukraine, securing the card payment environment
Venue: Moscow
Premium Media Partner: Media partner - PLUS


PCI Kiev will provide attendees with thought leadership and guidance in using security and compliance as a business enabler, business driver and a source of competitive advantage. Themes to be addressed include:

  • Promote awareness, knowledge sharing, innovation and good practice amongst the key stakeholders in the payment card industry across Ukraine.
  • Encourage adoption of existing good practices and emerging technologies in order to facilitate a secure card transaction framework that will encourage competition and increased revenue streams for Ukrainian businesses.
  • Facilitate communication in order to proactively combat payment fraud, identity theft and related threats to business operations, while optimising and securing payment processing at each stage of the transaction chain
  • Explore how organisations can market security and compliance as a means of generating business while increasing brand reputation and building trust

Taking place in the heart of Ukraine, PCI Kiev will comprise strategic plenary sessions addressing strategic and management related issues, a dedicated series of education seminars exploring technical challenges and solutions and a series of networking breaks.

Key Topics Card Security and Fraud in Ukraine

  • Latest updates on hacking and the vulnerabilities facing organisations.
  • What is the PCI Data Security Standard and why is it important?
  • PCI Compliance Management Guidance
  • Best Practice and Case Studies from Industry leaders
  • PCI Implementation Guide; including in depth guides of PCI DSS and PA DSS
  • Deadlines & Penalties of PCI DSS compliance
  • Technical Briefings on deadline and fulfilling PCI Requirements
  • Effective compliance and security strategies
  • Data protection and fraud prevention
  • Latest updates in payment technology
  • Vendor solution showcase
  • Tips on selecting Payment Service Provider
  • Considerations when dealing with 3rd parties: ie Pin Entry Device or Terminal Manufacturers, Payment Data Processors, ISP’s, etc…

Who will attend?

Target audience, a minimum of 100 Delegates will attend PCI Kiev. The event is aimed at delegates from across Ukraine.

Delegates will hail from a variety of job functions:

  • Board Members and Top Executives (CEO, COO)
  • IT and IT Security
  • Group Security & Fraud
  • Internal Audit and Investigations
  • Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

Organisations in attendance:

  • Banks and Building Societies
  • Payment Processors &Payment Service Providers
  • Merchants - Levels 1 to 3
  • Governments and representatives from related Associations
  • IT and Compliance related companies

Please follow the link for further information: http://www.pci-portal.com/lang-en/events

Gedimina Laucyte
PCI Project Manager
PCI Project Events
AKJ Associates Ltd I
27 John Street
I London I WC1N 2BX I UK
Phone: +44 (0) 207 430 1486 I
Email: gedimina.laucyte@akjassociates.com



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