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Electronic payment systems in Russia.

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Organizer: SLON Group 
Location: centre of Digital October,  Moscow  
Web: www.slongroup.ru 
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Electronic payment systems in Russia. Modern tools of business development.

According to the NAUET, by the end of 2011, the turnover of the Russian market of instant payments has grown in comparison with the year 2010 more than on 15%, exceeding 892 billion rubles. But, in spite of high growth rates of the domestic market of electronic payments, there are a number of urgent up-to-date problems.
Adaptation of electronic systems for business, their implementation and correct work; the problem of withdrawal of electronic money and the interest rate; as well as the regulation of the legislative base and the security of Internet payments in the sphere of electronic payment systems. These problems are key, but, unfortunately, far not the only factors that hinder the development of this segment of the market.
These and other aspects will discuss the leading market leaders, representing banks, payment systems, their advisors and providers of technical solutions, as well as experts-practitioners in the area of e-Commerce on the first business of the conference «Electronic payment systems in Russia. Modern tools of business development», which will take place on 30 August in the center of Moscow Digital October.
Audience of the conference - representatives of the following structures:
Leading experts in the field of mobile and electronic Commerce, TOP-managers of banks, heads of payment systems; operators of mobile and fixed-line communication; leading Internet-shops and trading networks; vendors of solutions and technologies; suppliers of related products and services.
The business meeting will be held in the format of the living discussions and exchange of views. Learn from the experience of colleagues, get acquainted with like-minded people and find business partners is a key task of the forthcoming conference.


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PR-Manager of the group of companies SLON
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