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IDC IT Security Roadshow

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Location: Moscow, Russia, Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya
Website: www.idc-cema.com

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The credit crunch seems to have left a mark on all aspects of business operations, including such a vital element of business sustainability as the provision of information security. The global shake-up in the economy not only spurred competition but also gave rise to fear and uncertainty among corporate employees, breaching loyalty to their employers, and leading to higher security risks.

IT security accidents have a direct impact on companies’ profit. That is why it is essential for managers to understand that their security systems need to be up-to-date. Regular check-ups and preventive risk management actions should be a part of every corporate security agenda.

With IT budgets subject to serious scrutiny as never before, making a business case for IT security investments is becoming increasingly challenging and requires a lot of skill. Nevertheless, CISOs must make sure that their departments are efficient, can interact well with other departments, and generally meet today’s business requirements.

IDC’s VIIth annual conference will gather together security professionals to share their experiences and exchange ideas. The event will feature a panel discussion, during which CIOs, CISOs, and CEOs of Russian companies will talk about security issues that affect businesses in a time of crisis. An IDC analyst will give recommendations on making a business case for security investments, while security vendors and services providers will present their views on today’s security practices and challenges.

Key Topics:

  • Modern Threats and Protection Against Them
  • Protecting Against Insider Threats and Data Leaks
  • Developing a Business Case for IT Security Investment
  • Working with Government Organizations and Complying with Regulations
  • The Role of the IS Team and Its Interaction with Other Departments in a Modern Organization
  • Mobile and Network Security
  • Security as a Service – What to Consider When Choosing Security as a Service
  • Identity at Your Service(s) – the Rise of Service-Based Identity and Access Management

Who Should Attend:

  • Chief Security Officers
  • Chief Information Officers, IT Directors
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Directors of Enterprise Security

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