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11.11.2015   Holiday Inn Sokolniki

III Telemarketing & Telesales Forum

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Organizer Exposystems,   http://callcenterevent.ru/tmcc/english/

11-12 November 2015 Holiday Inn Sokolniki will host III Telemarketing & Telesales Forum

Telemarketing & Telesales forum – is venue for customer service experts and professionals, salesmen and technical experts, who come to discuss how to turn contact center from cost center to profit center and to push up sales.

Now telemarketing market is going through active development stage. All Russian and international experts think it has enormous potential: from 2001 market volume has increased by nearly 80 times. According to various analytical data, annually market growth is from 40 up to 100% and currently Russia is on the 2nd place in Europe by development rate in this industry.

Being aware of the market needs and development potential, Telemarketing and Telesales forum 2015 includes most requested topics in the efficient telemarketing building, which enable establish direct connection with customers, improve efficiency of marketing campaigns, expand customer base, and therefore work in order to increase every day sales.

Future belongs to those who look for new development paths and improve its competitive advantages together with us!
Knowing aspects of building efficient sales system in contact centers, customer engagement and customer retention, Telemarketing and Telesales forum will highlight the most important and significant questions for the industry.

• Learn, which potential provides latest solutions developed by the leading international companies to you and your company in order to increase sales, establish long-term partnership with customers and expand customer data-base.
• Find out in practice advantages of various strategies of telemarketing building inside your company or through outsourcing solutions;
• Know telemarketing best practice, knowledge, methods and tools in order to solve everyday issues of sales increase, workforce management, customer interaction and process optimization in your contact center;
• Meet peers, discuss industry topical questions in friendly atmosphere, share best practice and methods of problem solving. Meet with colleagues from other contact centers
• Develop efficient solutions for your company together with leading industry experts in order to build efficient, long-term partnership with clients.

If you want to learn more about III Telemarketing & Telesales Forum, please send your queries via email: tm-ts15@tm-ts.ru
or call our office: +7 495 995 80 80.

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