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Information security in the Financial Sector and Telecom

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Organizer: AHConferences
Location: Moscow, Hotel Marriott Tverskaya
Information sponsor:Media partner - PLUS

The forum on Information Security in the Financial Sector and Telecom will take place October 26, 2011 in Moscow. AHConferences, the organizer, will conduct the forum in a new format. After the general plenary session, IS specialists will be invited to examine issues specific to telecom and the financial sector at two parallel discussion sessions.

Plenary Session on Trends in Information Security in Banks and Telecom. Key Topics:

  • Development trends in the IT security sector for banks and telecom. Stimuli and inhibitors
  • New initiatives from regulators: Demands for providing information security in the banking industry and telecom
  • The basic IS threats for the telecom sector and banks: New risks and innovative approaches toward minimizing them
  • The transition from offering IS products and solutions to offering IS services in the banking sector and in telecom

At the end of the plenary session there will be a panel discussion: Relevant issues of providing information security in the banking sector and in telecom

Section: Information Security in the Financial Sector. Key Topics:

  • Trends and development potential for hardware and software protection in banks
  • NEW! Banks' approaches to spending on IS projects: "covering up the holes" or IS "with breathing room”? (practitioners share their experience)
  • Increasing the efficacy of the bank's existing IS system
  • NEW! Potential for using cloud computing technologies in banks: Is it applicable for Russia?
  • The role of biometric technologies in ensuring information protection for banking clients
  • In focus: Problems ensuring the correspondence between banks' IS systems and legislative and industry demands
  • NEW! Innovative technologies for ensuring bank security: Case studies of the most interesting projects of 2010-11
  • Fighting insiders and overcoming internal IS threats: New tools of fraud and banks' innovative tools for eliminating them

Section: Information Security in the Telecom Sector. Key Topics:

  • Regulatory aspects of providing information security
  • NEW! How communications operators are realizing legislative demands to guarantee the security of personal data
  • In focus: Managing IS risks at telecom companies
  • Preventing fraud in communications networks and avoiding revenue loss
  • New IS solutions for telecom operators
  • Security of mobile banking. Security of payment systems
  • NEW! Security of electronic social services
  • NEW! Information security and cooperation among telecom operators

The following speakers have confirmed their participation:

  • Evgeny Klimov, vice president, RISSPA
  • Christopher Gould, director of auditing systems and processes, PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit 
  • Vitaly Sharov, general director, Cominfo Consulting
  • Roman Emelyanov, information security director, TransTeleCom

Silver sponsors: Informzashchita, Chek Point, EMC. Sponsor of the round table: DATALINE. Sponsor of informational materials: Orange Business Services.

We invite delegates in the following positions: top managers, CIOs, directors of information security departments at finance and telecom companies, as well as suppliers of IS solutions

For more information:
Site: http://ahconferences.com/conferences/?conf=584
Tel./fax: +7 (495) 790-7815
E-mail: it@ahconferences.com

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