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International Conference: «Risk Management for Financial Institutions in Russia and CIS»

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Organizer of the Event: company «C5»
Topic of the Conference: Securing Sustainability in the Competitive Market
Venue: Moscow, Ararat Park Hyatt
Website: www.c5-online.com

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Main Aims of the Event: This international conference will focus on the structural development of risk management for financial institutions in Russia and CIS. We are bringing together all major market players including retail banks, commercial banks, investment banks, risk management companies, funds, investment and asset management companies – all financial institutions, which are deeply engaged in emerging financial markets and concerned about their sustainability.

Key Topics of the Event:

  • Failure of western financial markets to handle global credit crisis;
  • Implication of Basel II standards in emerging markets
  • Innovations in managing risks as per Basel II;
  • Risk management in Ukrainian and Kazakh financial markets;
  • Choice and implementation of efficient risk management system;
  • Evaluation of credit risk for credit portfolio;
  • Managing bad loans in consumer lending;
  • Peculiarities of managing liquidity risk in Russia;
  • Methods and models of managing operational risks;
  • Consequences of poor operational risk management;
  • Market risk management and portfolio diversification;
  • Sorting the legal risks out in emerging markets;
  • Managing reputation risk and advancing the established reputation;
  • Application of various quantitative models in risk measurement and outcomes.

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For further information please call +44 (0) 20 7878 6931 or email marketing@c5-online.com

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