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IT Security for the Finance Sector

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Organizer: AHConferences

Location: Moscow, Sheraton Palace Hotel, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 19

Web: www.ahconferences.com

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The expanding spectrum of banking services and developing mobile technologies do not only help increase client satisfaction levels: they also spawn new forms of crime. The risks of money loss are so great that every year banks are searching more and more actively for innovative means of combatting foul play. In turn, the leading producers of information security solutions are offering banks incredibly diverse data protection technologies, aimed both at protecting corporate information and the safety of client data and money.
The 5th Forum on IT Security for the Finance Sector, which will be held by AHConferences on March 29, 2012, at the Sheraton Palace Hotel, will be a meeting place for specialists in banking IS and suppliers of solutions that ensure information security. As part of the conference, interested specialists will be able to exchange their experience building IS solutions for banks, discuss the potential development of IS solutions relevant to the banking sector, and find answers to key issues related to the realization of IS projects.

On the program*:
Evgeniy Klimov
, vice-president, RISSPA
Ilya Medvedovsky, director, Digital Security
Alexey Sintsov, head of department of IT-Security audit, Digital Security
*New confirmations be announced!

Key Topics of the Forum:
• Trends and perspectives of the IS market for the banking sector;
NEW! Ensuring the security of mobile banking;
NEW! Projecting a bank’s clients from fishing;
• Using biometrics to protect banking information;
• Countering internal and external threats to financial organizations;
• Switching to integrated data protection at Russian banks;
• Increasing the transparency of IS management;
NEW! Problems of certifying innovative IS solutions for banks;
• Guaranteeing the security of clients’ personal data;
NEW! The top ten innovative means of protecting information in banks;
• Round Table: Smooth Cooperation between the IS Department and the IT Subdivision: How to Avoid Duplicating Functions and Increase Cumulative Efficacy
We invite directors of IS departments at Russian and international banks who have undertaken innovative IS projects in 2011-2012 to present talks. We invite IT directors from companies in various sectors of the Russian economy to attend as delegates. 
 Cost of Attendance:
• For consumers of IT solutions and services attendance is free.
• For suppliers of IT services and solutions: 27,000 rubles + 18% VAT


Additional information:

Site: www.ahconferences.com

E-mail: it@ahconferences.com

Tel./fax: +7 (495) 790 78 15


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