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03.12.2008 – 05.12.2008  

Self-Service Exhibition 2008

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Exhibition Site: Moscow ,Crocus-Expo, Pavilion 3, Hall 15
Total amount of SSE – 2007 exhibitors: 110 companies
Total amount of SSE - visitors in 2007: over 5000 visitors
SSE-2008 space: 8500 mІ
Website: www.vending-show.ru
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Self-service industry in Russia is a highly developing field of commercial activities.
The share of products and services selling without a Seller (via cash terminals, terminals or vending machines) is permanently growing and nowadays has already come to 5-10 % of total volume in many countries.

It is expert’s opinion that Russian self-service industry will achieve this level in next 3 - 5 years. In 2006 less than 15 thousands vending machines and about 50 thousands terminals were established in Russia but by the end of 2007 the amount of vending machines was redoubled and amount of cash machines was exceeded 80 thousands.

Our exhibition opens its doors to everybody who knows and understands the perspectives of self-service industry and who has already actively used self-service technologies in his business or has only the plan to install vending machines, cash terminals, terminals and info-kiosks.

SSE will help operators to find reliable equipment and ingredients suppliers. Producers will be able to find accessories and devices for their machines. It is an opportunity for beginners to get consultations of experienced specialists and experts. At last businessmen and operators can discuss the newest technologies and changes in legislation.

SSE is an exhibition for everyone who wants to be a leader in quickly developing self-service industry.
Self-Service Exhibition 2008 is the main event in Russian self-service industry. In two years the exhibition has become the traditional place for gathering together specialists. It has become the event where self-service industry leaders can demonstrate their last developments and where visitors can get full information about tendencies of Russian market, products, technologies development.

At SSE 2008 you can find terminals, vending machines, bank equipment, accessories, ingredients and info-kiosks.
Our exhibition is quickly growing together with the quickly Self-service industry growth. At Self-Service Exhibition 2008 we are planning to extend the exhibition profile significantly by offering new interesting themes to our visitors and participants.

The second international specialized exhibition «SSE – Terminals. Vending. Kiosks 2007» took place in October 3-5, 2007 at Crocus Expo in Moscow and became the greatest event in self-service industry in Russia.

The amount of exhibitors and visitors was doubled in comparison with SSE-2006. SSE-2007 was attended by over 5000 visitors - specialists and businessmen of vending industry, electronic payments industry and bank equipment.

Over 100 companies from 12 countries including Russia, CIS countries, Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Canada, Sweden, Belgium had presented their latest developments. The most modern and perspective terminals, cash terminals, vending machines, accessories, spare parts and ingredients were exhibited and could be tested at SSE-2007.

The conference taking part in the framework of the exhibition was visited by more than 700 specialists. The representatives of professional unions and associations, top managers of the biggest companies of self-service industry made their reports devoted to important key problems for development of self-service industry.

SSE-2008 Organizers Committee
General Director : Eleonora Bronnikova
+7 (495) 933-7770 ex. 6002, bronnikova@unicum.ru
Manager: Khydyakova Lyudmila
+7 (495) 933-7770 ex. 6011, mila@unicum.ru
Vernadskogo prosp., 37, building 2 Moscow Russia 119415

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