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Organizer: SIA Group
Location:  Marriott Hotel, Milan  
Web:  www.sia.eu
Information sponsor:Media partner - PLUS

Tuesday 9th October, Marriott Hotel, via Washington 66, Milan




SIA EXPO 2012 aims to draw the map of the next-generation payments and to make innovation generates

benefits for all subjects involved: citizens, businesses, public administration bodies and banks.

Which new services are citizens and businesses asking for?
Will web and mobile payments succeed in reducing the use of cash?
How can freedom of market and consumer and investor protection rules be balanced?
Why does SEPA create the prerequisites to generate new revenues?
How can public administration bodies simplify their relations with citizens and businesses?
Which winning strategy shall be adopted?

Banks, businesses and public administration bodies will have the opportunity to confront each other

with institutions and leading international experts.

Participation in the event is free. Registration is subject to confirmation by SIA. 

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