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22.09.2015 – 24.09.2015   Sochi (Russia), «Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa, Sochi»

The Sixth International Scientific and Practical Conference on Security Printing Watermark Conference-2015

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Organizer Watermark,   http://www.watermark-conference.com/2015/eng/
We are glad to invite you to take part in the Sixth International Security Printing Conference - Watermark Conference, which will take place September 2015 in Sochi. The security printing field actively develops, new directions born and new questions show up all the time. That’s why a program of the Watermark Conference-2015, which has already started to be prepared by the Organizing Committee, promises to be interesting and eventful. And of course every member has an opportunity to recommend a subject for discussions and presentations.

Many participants of the market of security printing have already taken a part in the Watermark Conference. And we hope you’ll continue this tradition and we will see you on our next conference. There is no doubt we are also glad to see new participants because Watermark Conference geography constantly expands. That means we’ll get more opportunities for communications, exchange of experience and searching for new partners.

A special thing about the Watermark Conference is that it takes place in different Russian cities every year. Their participants have already met with the oldest Russian city- Suzdal (2007), the city with more than a thousand year history- Kazan (2009), non-official south capital of Russia- Rostov-on-Don (2011) and with one of the most beautiful city in the world- Saint-Petersburg (2005 and 2013).

In 2015 the next capital of Watermark Conference will be the capital of the winter Olympic Games-2014, Sochi. During the previous conferences many participants offered this city as a next platform for the Watermark Conference. September is a mellow season in Sochi, it means that, on one hand, the weather won’t be too hot which will provide you a fruitful work on plenary working sessions, and, on the other hand, it will be warm enough for you to have a pleasure time out of work.

Traditionally a cultural program also is going to be full of many interesting events.

Dear colleagues, see you on the Black Sea coast! Looking forward to see you at the Sixth Watermark Conference in September 2015!

Organizing Committee
Watermark Conference-2015

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