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23.06.2009 – 25.06.2009  

Third International Scientific and Practical Conference on Security Printing Watermark Conference 2009

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Organizers: Watermark Publishing House
Location: Korston Hotel, Kazan, Russia

Information partner: General mediapartner - PLUS

Watermark Conference is the only conference on security printing which is held on the territory of Russia.

It traditionally unites the representatives of national banks and senior executives of manufactures and customers of security products. The General Sponsor of the Third Watermark Conference is Goznak.

Watermark Conference provides the unique opportunity for professionals to discuss the most important and urgent issues of manufacturing security printing products:

  • innovative security technologies for printing and banknote production
  • anti-counterfeiting methods and devises for document authenticity control
  • ID-documents and plastic cards production

During the conference there also will be the exhibition opened, where everyone could see the latest achievements in the area of security printing.

Following the best traditions of previous two conferences, the organizing committee is providing for everyone an interesting and fascinating cultural program.

You can look for additional information regarding the conference or the terms of attending by calling to the organizing committee:

Phone:  +7 (812) 346-5015(-16,-17,-18)
Fax: +7 (812) 325-2099
190020, Staro-Petergofskiy pr. 43-45, lit B, office 4-H, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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