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Organizer of the Event: AHConferences
Venue: Moscow, Moscow, Marriott Tverskaya Hotel, Valdaisky Conference Room
Informatoin partner: Media partner - PLUS
In conditions of harsh competition on the Russian market, successful business growth requires that directors know answers to the following questions: Is the company performing effectively? Which clients offer the most potential? Is the company achieving success in attaining its objectives? Effective management means knowing how to ask the right questions and finding sound answers to them. Business Intelligence technology makes it possible to achieve that effect. BI tools make it possible to considerably simplify the decision-making process and obtain full accountability from all the employees at a company.

The 5th International BI Forum: Business Intelligence 2009 will be devoted to analyzing relevant trends in Business Intelligence. Forum will present the optimal ratio of presentations of technological innovations in the field of business analytics and business case studies about real applications of BI in various sectors of the economy.

Key topics:

Discussion: How to ensure optimal cooperation between the company’s IT subdivision and top management

Business Intelligence and the financial crisis. How to prove to a business that it needs to continue operating BI projects during a financial crisis

NEW! BI as a tool for expanding client business. BI and CRM: Increasing sales volume by providing analytic CRM with the necessary data

What information should be loaded in a BI system? The problem of data quality

NEW! How BI technologies can help in sales and risk-management

NEW!  How tools for ensuring data quality can increase the effectiveness of marketing

NEW! Decreasing expenses when managing a company’s assets and liabilities: the potential of Business Intelligence

In Focus. Outsourcing Business Intelligence. Applying the SaaS model

NEW! From data storage to a system for prognosis, analysis, and optimizing key indices. How and why should prognosis tools be used?

Implementing jointly used BI services. How to coordinate the results from various BI applications

NEW! Using industry solutions for business analysis

NEW! How to implement a corporate database in a major company

Representatives of leading Russian and Western companies in the finance and realty sectors have been invited to attend.

The 5th International BI Forum: Business Intelligence 2009 continues the tradition of previous forums in providing a high-status arena for sharing experience and opinions

For more information, please contact:

Tel./fax: + 7(495) 790-7815
e-mail: it@ahconferences.com

Web: http://www.ahconferences.com/

To learn more about speaking at the conference, please contact:

Elena Isaenkova
Conference Producer
Tel/fax: +7 (495) 790-7815
e-mail: eisaenkova@ahconferences.com

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