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13.03.2012 – 15.03.2012  

VendExpo-Russia «Vending Technologies of the 21st» Century

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The exhibition presents:

·        Vending machines for drinks and food;

·        Vending machines for non-food and services;

·        HoReCa professional vending machines;

·        Information kiosks, content kiosks;

·        Amusement vending machines and jukeboxes, Internet kiosks;

·        Internet banking, payment terminals;

·        Photo kiosks;

·        Recycling kiosks;

·        Ticket ATMs;

·        Food, ingredients, and goods for automated commerce;

·        Disposable tableware for vending machines;

·        Equipment for vending machine transportation and cleaning;

·        Components and accessories;

·        Bill and coin acceptors;

·        Software, processing;

·        ATM security systems;

·        Water and coolers


The Fifth International Forum “Vending as a Business Development Concept in Today’s Economic Environment”


True-life experience of real world business:

  • professionals with many years of experience will share business success recipes  
  • private opinions of equipment sellers and vending chain representatives 
  • vending market rules


Analysis of the international vending market:

  • international cooperation and the latest trends.

Trainings, cases, presentations of participants.


Sometimes coffee we get from ATM does not meet our requirements to taste and quality. That is why E.M.T.G. has initiated Best Vending Beverage (BVB) contest.


 Beverage quality is assessed by experts of the Central Industry Taste Panel of The Rusteacoffee Association (the Central taste Panel). Expert opinion is formed based on results of the organoleptic expert examination. 

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