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Organizer: AHConferences

Location: Sheraton Palace Hotel, Moscow

Web: ahconferences.com

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The 7th CRM Forum will take place in Moscow on September 18, 2012. The forum, which is organized by AHConferences, will consider relevant issues of increasing business efficiency, improving client service, and managing client relations. As part of the program, participants will be able to share their experience developing strategies of client interaction and automated business processes, implementing CRM solutions and evaluating their efficacy.

Key Topics Include:

• New trends in client-relations management
• Client-relations strategies, the role of CRM in business development
• Communications technologies and social media for effective client-relations management
• Trends in CRM solutions development
• Developing strategies of automating business and implementing CRM
• CRM solutions based on cloud technologies
• Evaluating the efficacy of implementing CRM
• Solving problems when implementing and using CRM: The experience of HR management
• CRM for increasing client loyalty to a business
• CRM for optimizing marketing departments and contact centers
• Analytic CRM models
• Experience implementing CRM systems

Cost of Attendance:
• For consumers of IT solutions and services, attendance is free
• For suppliers of IT solutions and services, attendance costs 27,000 rubles + VAT 18%

Regarding the program and speaking opportunities at the Conference:
Irina Vasilieva
project director
Tel.: +7 (495) 790-7815 (ext. 114)


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