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VII International SAS Forum Russia 2012

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Organizer: SAS 
Location: Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center Hotel.      
Web: www.sas.com    
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VII International SAS Forum Russia 2012





October, 12th - VII International SAS Forum Russia 2012, the largest business analytics related conference in Russia and CIS, will take place in Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center Hotel.


Registration 09.30 AM

Start 10.00 AM


This year the key issues of SAS Forum Russia are the effective risk management in different segments of economy, analytical calculations over the large amounts of data and new business analytics related opportunities. Apart from that, new perspective methods of highly productive business analytics and work with “Big data” are going to be widely discussed.


The peculiarity of SAS Forum Russia 2012 is its practical orientation. Representatives of companies from different sectors of economy are going to speak about real projects of applying business analytics and about the results achieved.


The conference starts with the plenary session where Valeriy Pankratov, CEO of SAS Russia/CIS, Mikhail Khazin, famous economist, Edwin van der Ouderaa, Head of Analytical Department of Financial Practice, Accenture company, and Kamal Boushi, First Vice President “BinBank” are going to speak. The discussion on the key issues is going to continue during the panel, at which famous Russian business experts will take part. The moderator of this panel will be Igor Vittel, Russian journalist and TV anchor.


There are 6 parallel sections scheduled: “Banks and insurance companies: risk management”, “Banks and insurance companies: targeting marketing and financial management”, “Oil and gas and energetic companies: analytics, risk management, predictive modeling”, “Government sector: accounting, fraud prevention, text analytics” and a special demo-zone “SAS Technologies: modern developments in the analytics”.


Independent experts and SAS experts, top managers of Russian and international companies, directors and risk managers of the biggest banks, insurance, telecommunication, energy, gas and oil companies, as well as managers and representatives of government enterprises of Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan will take part in the Forum.








Key Forum speakers:


·        Mikhail Khazin, Russian economist, publicist, TV and radio anchor, Head of “Neokon”consulting company;

·        Valeriy Pankratov, CEO of SAS Russia/CIS;

·        Edwin van der Ouderaa,Head of Analytical Department of Financial Practice, Accenture company;

·        Kamal Boushi, First Vice President of “BinBank”;

·        Mark Moorman, Senior Director, International Risk Management and Fraud Prevention, SAS company;

·        Mike Wood, SAS Global Oil and Gas Technology Practice Expert;

·        Elena Kotelnikova, Head of CRM  and Churn Management Department, MTS Ukraine;

·        Alexander Vasyutovich, Head of Financial and Retail Risks Department, “Promsvyasbank”.


Follow the updates on the Forum schedule.


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