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Warsaw International Banking Summit - 4th edition of Banking Forum

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Organizer:  MM Conferences S.A.
Location: Westin Warsaw Hotel 
Web: www.mmcpolska.pl

 Information sponsor:Media partner - PLUS

Word description: Banking Forum’s three previous editions  have confirmed it as the premier platform upon which banking practitioners - CEOs and management board members of banks and financial institutions – discuss topics of particular importance to the CEE banking scene. Given their practical focus, the events were attended, both at panelist, and at participant, levels by virtally all of the top 20 Polish banks, not to mention the smaller ones. They were also attended as panelists by Poland’s top regulators and central bankers, as well as by CEOs and board members of telecommunications and technology companies, whose activity is increasingly central to banks. It is expected that the forthcoming edition of the conference will be attended by the representatives of the European national supervisory bodies, representatives of the European Commission and of the European Parliament.

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