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The Russian market of comprehensive/E2E IT projects: the integrator’s view

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Radian Quality Solutions LLC implements a wide range of large-scale integration projects in the fi eld of payment technologies, mobile and e-commerce. Those include the development of local payment systems, remote banking services, maintenance of non-cash payments, building processing and data centers.

Radian Quality Solutions team is experienced in a number of significant large-scale IT projects, including a project of development of processing solutions for the Auchan hypermarket chain in Russia. Among our clients are Russian and foreign banks, international payment systems, major suppliers, service providers, retail chains, airlines.

It is as long as a year already that we have been working together with our partners under sanctions in the new economic reality. When the situation just started aggravating, we believed that our partners’ activities would decline. Reduced customers’ purchasing power, budget cuts, freezing investment projects – all this would at least have slowed down the development of their business.

However, 2015 demonstrated that the demand for our services didn’t fall, but on the contrary, is growing steadily.

The reasons for that situation, ironic at fi rst glance, lie in the fact that the adverse external factors have forced our partners to look for the best solutions that would enable them to get both tactical and strategic advantage in the market and ensure actual resource savings insofar it concerns fi nancial and time assets, being so scarce at the moment.

Of course, the market itself has also continued to evolve, and its development today is of intensive, rather than extensive nature. Еconomic and fi nancial literacy of the population is increasing. On  the one hand, people are trying to save on everything; on the other, they learn to make better use of available funds. Our partners’ customers require from them new service offerings, new opportunities, and new consumer experiences. New, unexpected market segments emerge – the segments that could not even exist in previous, favorable for the economy, years.

At the same time, the new economic reality is associated with a number of negative aspects. Vendors, including suppliers of banking and transaction equipment, have already felt them more than others. The sharp rise of the dollar resulted in a proportional decrease in the volume of purchases, since all clients’ budgets have been drawn up in rubles.

Besides, our partners have become more careful about the selection of suppliers of software solutions, services and hardware. This is evidenced, in particular, by much longer time of tenders, as well as increasing depth of respective due diligence. The partners insist on a more detailed study of the tender documents, detailed comparative evaluation of competitive solutions, detailed fi nancial modeling. From now on, all purchased solutions must be most effective, not only quality-wise, but in terms of cost as well.

Usually our company begins with the elaboration of basic project documentation such as business requirements and project charter. These documents form the basis for the project. The fi rst one describes specifi c project goals and objectives the partner is seeking for, the second document describes the facilities and resources necessary for the project implementation.

We have noticed that the time needed to agree upon these two documents has increased significantly. Customers’ requirements became more stringent, the tasks studies deepened. We see this as a positive aspect, because if at the project start both the customer, and the entire project team have a complete understanding of the project goals and the tools to achieve them, the project is bound to success.

In conclusion, I should stress that the partners of Radian Quality Solutions LLC demonstrate the most notable activity in the areas such as Proactive Loyalty, mobile and e-commerce, Advanced Billing Systems, copyright management, as well as P2P and C2C services.

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